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Sweet Mystery of life at last I’ve Found You!

Now I think I’m officially back. My laptop was in for service for TWO weeks. Why does warranty work suck so bad? Surely it could be done faster? When I took it in, I was told a week to ten days. It had been nearly two full weeks before I even bothered them.

Wednesday I called andasked simply for a status. This was like 9am, and they informed me the parts (not that the person I spoke to could tell me what parts) came in today. And informed me the “tech” would call me that afternoon.

No call back…

Thursday, I called and asked again for the status. Didn’t even mention that no one called me back. I was told it would be ready this afternoon, i.e. Friday. Okay, that’s cool, I asked when they closed so I could be sure to get by before that.

Today, I called a little after noon and asked if I could verify that everything was on schedule. No one here can answer that now, call after 1pm when they’re back from lunch… humm… okay…

I call back at 1:30pm. “The parts are in, it will be ready Monday.”

Okay, between the day I’ve had at work and my incredible level of patience with this, I had it. I reiterated that I had been beyond patient, that I had been told Wednesday the parts were in, then Thursday that it would be ready Friday. I pointed out that no one ever communicated with me, I always had to call even when they said they would call, they did not. And I was told it would take a week to ten days to make repairs. If that was not the case, a simple communication regarding what was wrong and that the time would be longer would have been nice. I was then informed that was 7 to 10 BUSINESS days. Hello, you’ve had it for TWO WEEKS AND A DAY, that’s 11 business days, I can add…” Silence… Then I was told I would get a call back, it would be done today.

Two hours later, they called to tell me to come by and pick up baby. Beyond ridiculous.

I also sent an e-mail to Fujitsu this afternoon. I explained I have been quite happy with my computer but that I was having problems with their service center, which is not a Fujitsu center, it’s a service center for several name brand computers and is contracted out by them for their warranty work. I received a fast response back that they were unable to help me with my problem, that I should communicate with the service center. That set off another little time bomb for me. I wrote back and calmly pointed out that I wasn’t seeking assistance, that I was getting my laptop today but only because I had to be ugly about it. The fact is they are paying for the service, not me, and that they should examine their relationship with this center. I pointed out that not one person I’d told about this problem asked for the name of the service center, they asked who made my laptop. It’s their name in the mud. I also asked if they ever sent out any sort of customer satisfaction survey to people who used this place. Tonight I got a response back that they would look into the matter and contact me for details, thanks, etc., etc. How much truth there is and how much is lip service, I know not, but thanks for at least assuming I have a brain…

Anyway, hopefully this weekend some time to get at least a few Scotland photos up…


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