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Techy Weekend

I had planned to go down and see some art at the Dogwood Festival this weekend as I have the past couple of years.  However, the weather was just plain unappealing and I had no real desire to get out.

Last week I started putting together a new website.  I’ve only ever had a free one or that wee bit of space that your ISP provides.  I quit updating that space quite sometime ago.  I finally broke down and paid for real hosting.  And I’m banging out the pages of a new site.  It’s funny as much as I eschew programming and coding and such, I alway seem to end up doing something related.  My old job was all about my technical skills.  But a lot of it is just plain old bull-headed determination.  I can hunt and peck and find what I need and if it won’t work, I get in a grove and don’t stop until it does.  I say this considering that I got busy on it last night and soon discovered it was daylight outside!

Glad Sunday was a blustery evil day, too!  Considering I slept a huge chunk of it.  But it’s all coming together pretty much as I envisioned.

Can’t be up late tonight.  I have an 8:30am appointment in the morning.  Last week I talked to my doctor.  I was still just not feeling like my leg is as it should be.  I’m not in horrible pain, but I am nonetheless not getting about as I should and pretty sure once these shots wear off, I’ll not be doing so hot.  I had an appointment with an orthopedist Thursday afternoon.  He checked me over and said much the same that my second doctor at my regular office said, tendinitis.  It’s been 2 months now, however, with no improvement.  So, he’s told me to do a month of physical therapy.  That’s Monday mornings appointment.  I’m still not entirely following all this, like how a basically sedentary person can have an injury that normally goes along with over or repetitive use.  But on the good side, he said the benefits from getting back to my walking, which the weather has been begging for of late, outweigh any risk of me further irritating my leg.  So, I hope to get back with that in short course.

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