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Day one of physical therapy is behind me and I’m encouraged.  My knee felt much better today.  Physical therapy was interesting.  After he evaluated it (and came up with the same thing doc #2 and the orthopedist said), he put a hot pack on it awhile.  Then there was some ultrasound thing, followed by, I kid you not, being pummeled with a pvc pipe…  okay…  when he said “massage” that was so not what I was expecting.  Last was 10 minutes with an ice pack.  I was sent home with some stretching exercises and instructions to ice it when I can, which working at home, is quite often.

Today I felt like the tendon was better.  Still no clue why it’s so darn tight, but I finally have a sense of the big picture of why everything was hurting as it was.  Finally,  someone showed me a picture!  I go back tomorrow for the next appointment.

Today was a gorgeous if windy day, and I just got in from a walk.  I was told it was okay!  Yessss!!!  The only exercising I enjoy and it’s that time of the year when I like it the most.

It’s also one of those times of the year I go stir crazy.  Okay, those times are not totally uncommon.  I think 85% of my life is stir crazy.  At any rate, I’ve spent days looking at the calendar, looking at my frequent flier miles and dreaming.  I have enough miles to get me to, Peru!  What I don’t have is the vacation time to use it for the trip I want to make there.  I found a cool trip with Intrepid Travel that would include the Inca trail and all.  But that’s 8 days, plus just time to get around a bit.  Yeh, between it all, I came up with a 10+ day trip.  That is, alas, most of my remaining vacation for the year which would leave me with nothing to get me through the end.

So, there’s the option of limping through to the end, using a little vacation here and there and then doing my usual year end spree.  There’s also another option, something small now.. like, say Mexico?  I could still use my flier miles to fly to Phoenix.  I checked and I could fly in crack of dawn the Friday before the next RCPM show and then rent a car and spend the week after wandering a bit.  Very tempted.  Haven’t quite hit the tipping point yet.  So late to be looking for a way down to Mexico, people to stay with and all that jazz.  But it’s on my mind.

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