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The Automatic LIVE

Exausted but well pleased!

Deramtologist visit this afternoon in Buckhead area and then loitering about as long as I could before wandering down to Vinyl to catch The Automatic in their last US show before going back to the UK to continue touring.

The opening act, Modern Society, was pretty good.  I think more of the audience knew their stuff than me, local act.  I’ll check out their stuff some more once I’m awake.  I was cash-less or I would have probably just taken the plunge on the CD – not something I do lightly.

The tables were turned for the next band.  Where Modern Society had a  group singing along down front, The Automatic appear to be less well known locally and there were maybe two or three of us singing along with every song.

When I was in Scotland, I kept hearing Monster.  Every time I turned around, I heard that song.  So, I gave the CD a quick listen in a music store on Princes Street in Edinburgh, liked the general vibe and bought it.  That disc (and ripped mp3s)  been in heavy rotation every since.  That’s since January, so 8 mos of solid enjoyment.

And live was in no way shape or form a disappointment.  Incredible level of energy!  Small club, small crowd (I wish for the band’s sake larger, but it was the awesome as it was).  I was down front with my big aircast boot thing and all and totally forgot how tired I was or that I was bouncing along in this awkward piece of plastic.  I wouldn’t hesitate to see them again and hope they come back soon!

Next up, Kaiser Chiefs in September at the Roxy, and apparently RCPM is making a stop a few days later in Athens.

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