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Tick Tock – Wait

I finally had to bite the bullet and get my foot looked at today. I’ve made a lot of progress since I took off the training wheels, but it’s been two and a half months since I broke it and although I’m hardly in grinding pain, my toe still is sore like I stubbed it a few days ago. I thought last week I might have jumped a hurdle when my toe popped for the first time since the fall. And it does feel like I lost some tension for lack of a better word in flexing my foot but the soreness continued.

I was hoping to simply hear that it would take time but all was well. I got a gray answer, so I guess I’m where I was more or less. My doctor looked at it. It could be it hasn’t healed properly. It could be arthritis. He mentioned gout but thought that was unlikely until I told him that my grandmother was diagnosed with gout following her broken foot many moons ago. So, with that knowledge he sent me for new x-rays and a blood test to check for the possibility of gout.

I was hoping I might at least hear the results of the x-rays today but no answers on any front. If it hasn’t healed properly, I get to see an orthopedist, too. What a lovely note to begin a year! If you are ever thinking about breaking your foot by taking the fast route down a ladder, I’d suggest you skip it. Not nearly everything it’s cracked up to be.

On the positive side, the continued down time has been continued time uploading to my Egypt gallery on Fine Art America and I’ve even started working on some of my long-delayed Quebec art. I’d like to accomplish more, but I’m also hitting a bit of a mental wall in the process. I have always liked being able to shift gears to another task. For the past nearly three mos, all of my tasks have been computer-centric. Edit photos, upload photos, edit website, yadda yadda. I feel a rut forming beneath me that I’m hoping I can shake off soon… Fingers crossed for some sort of relatively good news on the foot front, eh?

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