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Where Lands End

Day 3 in the UK.  I wandered a lot my first afternoon.

Bright and early the next morning was my meeting with the Haggis Tour bus for my Cornwall tour.  It’s a relatively small group of 10, which I think is fairly good as tours go.

First day was making our way down to Newquay (pronounced Newkey), a sort of surfers town on the southwest coast of England.  Quite a nice little place, very relaxed.  A rather overcast day and we stopped at Stonehenge.  Of course, I’ve been before, but I enjoyed the chance to stop again.  This time wandered with the camera and didn’t get an audio guide and just enjoyed the moody views.  I saw a film crew following a guy I’ve seen on a Discovery channel show about Stonehenge, which was rather cool.  After that we wandrered through some moors, saw an ancient stone bridge, and climbed to the top of Tor, that had the most amazing view.  I was half dead at the top.  I’ve got endurance but not speed and was doing my best not to be a complete slow poke.

Dinner in the pub attached to our hostel before collapsing into a heap.  So tired from the long day combined with the jet lag.

This morning, breakfast at 8am before we got on the road around Cornwall.  We visited some old pagan sites and the highlight may have been the walk to Lands End, the western most part of the UK.  Gorgeous views, almost rivaling Isle of Skye.  A simply perfect post lunch walk.  Lunch consisted of a “butte chip” (bread buttered with chips (fries).  The chips had salt and vinegar.  Yum!  The other highlight was Minnack Theater, this little theater almost entirely built by one woman on a cliff’s edge for theater performances.  Gorgeous views, reminded me a bit of Northern California), and a great atmosphere.

Truly looking forward to some of the photos from today.

We bot back into Newquay a bit ago and I figured on getting a note out to everyone while I can.  Meeting others on the beach.  We walked down yesterday but it wasn’t as sunny yesterday afternoon as today turned out.

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