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Fuel Required

Although I was doing my usual scampering around at the last minute Saturday, getting to the airport that night was relatively simple. Hardly any wait for the train, chech-in, or security.

I walked the whole distance from the main terminal to E gates, hoping to tire myself out so I might sleep on the flight. Called home for awhile and finally boarded (last zone boarded).

Settled in waiting to take off.. And waiting… I didn’t think much of the wait until the captain announced there was a problem and they were discussing it with maintenance. Joy…

More time passed and we found out it was a fuel pump. Apparently a 767 has 6 of them so we could still fly but needed to return to the gate for more fuel. We finally took off 1hr and 40 minutes late.

I can’t say the whole thing put me at ease, but just went with the flow. Apparently I was pretty tired for a change because when I woke up, breakfast was being served…. I thought it was a snack until I saw we were an hour from London. So I slept about 6 hrs! A new personal record. Can’t say it was great sleep as I didn’t feel that rested, but better than none.

By the time I got through immigration and the tube ride to victoria station, it was 3pm. Checked in at the hotel and tried to decide what to do before I just decided to wander and take in the prototypical gray English weather.

Walked and walked and walked. I just planned to go wander down a bit of the Thames, but after seeing Parliament and Westminster Abbey, I kept on. I walked all the way to St. Paul’s where it started to drizzle and my feet said uncle rather emphatically. Train back to victoria where I had a quick fast food bite.

I have an early start in the morning for the Cornwall portion of the adventure. So, I walked a lot will have to do as the day’s description.


  1. I'm so jealous. I LOVE London, and am very familiar with the area around Victoria station. Have a lovely trip and thanks for keeping me in the loop!

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