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Cold Packs And Hot Fuzz!

Decent day. Got a good bit of work-work accomplished. Wheeee! It’s paying the bills at least!

The day started with physical therapy and, wow, I’m black and blue. My left leg is just a land mine of knots. You hear the word “massage” and you think nicer things than I’m experiencing… but it’s worth it to get past this. In fact, I’m sure now there’s been some improvement. I haven’t gotten past the pain, but my knee is much looser now.

When the day ended, I got a good walk in and then ran up the street to the 18 screen mega theater (the best thing about where I live and something I take so little advantage of) and took in Hot Fuzz from the same guys who bought us Shaun of The Dead! It was wicked good. I think Shaun may still be my favorite, but Hot Fuzz, starts a bit slow (necessary to the story) but builds to an incredible crescendo. I needed those belly laughs!

Now I’m propped up on an ice pack for a while before bed. Try not to be jealous of my wild and crazy life!

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