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Indecision Thy Name Is Mark

So, a few days ago, I was thinking about Mexico. And I do desire to go back there some day, although the fall just calls to me more than Spring. I don’t know why. I’m not a logical person. Logical people don’t search the web for travel possibilities every time the work day gets rough.

Today, I started looking at Costa Rica. I found a pretty neat week long tour, and I could fly there for $7.50 with my frequent flier miles. Not bad at all. It’s not that I’ve ever had this strong desire to see Costa Rica, it’s just not here, if you comprehend that idea. Then I came to the list of vaccinations I should have and leaving in less than a month suddenly sounded like too much effort.

That’s a sample of my thought processes. Through the day, I mentally traveled to Egypt (a perennial desire of late), Peru, Venice, Madrid, and Dublin. The variety of reasons for not going range from not enough vacation time to cost and beyond, but every idea I ended up striking down.

So there, I stand. I’ve thought that for spring, I may just take a week off, spend part of it with the folks, maybe travel a little locally. I’ve long intended to visit Savannah for instance. Mom and I haven’t gone to see her kin in South Alabama in a few years either. So, there are options that don’t involve hopping on a plane.

So, maybe I’ll stay more local right now and do my normal combo of what’s left of this year’s vacation and next years at the beginning of the year. I found airfare to Egypt today for that time period would run me around $1,000. I saw it a little lower last year, okay $200 lower, when I first caught the Egypt bug. But I’ve yet to see anything that cheap roll by again….

Decisions, decisions…

Meanwhile, the new website continues to progress. I’ve got all my prints up and I’ve put up some art links. I’ve loads of pictures I’ll eventually put in the gallery, although the bulk of them are probably either in my deviant art gallery or my flickr photostream. It’s just a matter of consolidating them and maybe throwing a few things in that haven’t been put out for the world along the way.

This weekend is Atlanta Gallifreyans, hopefully some decent weather to get out with the camera, and hopefully Friday I’ll get to go see Hot Fuzz!

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