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Crazy Dreams & RIP

Had some anxiety surface in a dream last night. Not really sure of the source of it at the moment. But in retrospect, the dream was rather funny. I, apparently, was traveling and arrived at the airport with only my backpack, which contained no clothing. I checked the pack in and then when it was time to board the plane realized that I had nothing to read, nothing to listen to – everything was in the one bag I checked. This was when I realized that I had brought NOTHING with me, no clothes, nothing. And apparently I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt to a cold climate with no clothes. Then I realized I left my wallet at the security check-point, so I couldn’t even buy clothes when I got there. And this… this was the point I woke up… whew…

Was sitting at lunch today listening to 99X’s retro-lunch hour and noticed they played two Crowded House songs in a row. Crowded House was a band from my high school years that I lost track of. I bought two of their albums on cassette no less. And gradually lost track of them, even though those songs live in me still. I listen to them, and a lost part of my life comes rushing back.

I did eventually buy their greatest hits on CD – the first time I EVER bought a greatest hits collection, because it’s, in my crazed mind, like admitting that their best years (and maybe mine) are passing by if not past. But I bought that CD and it stays in fairly heavy rotation. The band itself is a decade gone, although the Finn brothers are still working on their music (I may have to seek it out now). The reason for the multiple Crowded House songs, the drummer, Paul Hester was laid to rest today, a week after he apparently committed suicide. I’m rarely the sort to get into the behind the scenes lives of musicians and actors. I figure they are more or less just people like us who are, hopefully, living out their dreams. I don’t need to know about the rest of their lives to enjoy their work. But, according to the articles I read at lunch, Hester, who was in his mid-40’s, had a life-long history of depression. It’s sad that even with his two children, he couldn’t find a reason to push on.

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