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Trip More Or Less Sorted

All in all, when I travel, I like to stay in a given place a few days.  Much of my selection of the Intrepid trip I chose to Egypt earlier this year was that every night was not a different city.  If I had longer than two weeks, I would have waited to languish even longer in some of those places.  I could have spent a week alone on that Red Sea beach, and I’m not a big beach person.  It was just a place where we were so thorgoughly disconnected.  Funny to type that on my laptop, that I enjoyed being without connection to the world.  Ha!

At any rate, my latest trip plans are anything if languishing in a given spot.  It just worked out that I will not spend more than two nights in any given place.  I arrive and spend a night in London.  The next morning, I’m on my 4 day Cornwall trip.  This translates into two nights in Newquay and a night in Bath before getting back to London in the evening.  I spend another night in London and get up bright and early for a 5:30am train to Paris.  Two nights there before returning to London for two nights before coming back to the US.  This, I think, is my version of plantes, trains, and automobiles.

Paris was sort of an afterthought.  I had a few days and I didn’t want to spend them trying to get somwehere.  And believe me, I looked at everything from the northern isles of Scotland to the reaches of Italy for a side trip.  Paris is one of those places that I always figured I’d go see but never had concrete plans or mainfest desires.  Hence the short two days there.  Just enough to get a taste.  Since then, though, as I’ve read and looked at photos of Paris, I’ve wished I had been able to toss another day or two in, so if the actual city leaves a lingering impression as I’m told it will, I may be back that way one day.

And yet, I’m also so looking forward to my days in the old city of London again.  Over lunch today, I looked at the lists of events that I could check out my first day there, and there were 60 PAGES of things to do.  Well and truly a ton of stuff, and so much of it, museums and galleries, free to boot.  As I poured through my options, it was with much sadness that I can’t spend longer there.  Alas, my remaining vacation time off and the exchange rate does not encourage it right now.

This weekend will be spent home with the folks, hopefully a bit of relaxation before my whirlwind through Southern England and Paris.

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