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Galway or Bust

Wow, long day! Actually long night, too!

Last evening, I was simply struggling to stay awake as early as 6pm! To be fair, little doubt that my sinus infection plus sore throat were not helping matters. Still I couldn’t go to bed so early, so I emailed friends and generally commented on half of what I saw on facebook. Finally, about 8:30pm, I gave up figuring with a shower that it would be 9pm when I called it a night. In fact making one more stab at reorganizing my poor backpack, I managed to stretch it to 9:30pm. Go me!

I managed on a funky way to use half of my blanket under my pillow to get my head really elevated and kind of turned sideways under it and curled up ala fetal position. It sounds awful but it was genuinely comfortable, I swear! And there’s a reason I’m telling this because I think that position combined with all the drugs provided some really funky dreams.

Skip the next paragraph or two to ignore my addled psyche! But I feel the need to put it down in words…

It’s hard to describe, and harder still as more water flows under ye olde bridge, but I was simply in a sort of magical place. I don’t remember getting there, but whatever you could dream up, the world around you bent to your wishes. There were others there. My impresion was they were more or less locals, but maybe fellow dreamers I’m not sure. I’d hazard at least some were there who belonged as they seemed like responsible forces.

When things started, I was simply exhausted and wanted nothing but a warm cozy spot to sleep. And there I was in what seemed to be a foxes den, and there I slept for what seemed ages. I even got up a couple of times to get water or clear out my sinuses, and each time I returned to that place when I curled up again

I wish i could remember more as it seemed so very fanciful and vivid at once. I know in the course of things I interacted more with the people and the world around me. I think the world could be whatever you wanted and you could at once share that reality with others or exist in your own spot but interact with others who just sort of incorporated you into their reality as they wished. I have one vivd memory of competing with others to shape the world in the most interesting way and then for the next person to attempt to top it. As for the police I mentioned, it seemed whenever I felt I had a fleeting grasp of the place, an understanding how and why it was, they would step in and blow things apart to fog things once more. It was like it was their job to maintain the mystery behind the magic.

When I finally woke, some 11 HOURS later I felt refreshed! I definitely think the meds are clearing things out. A ways to go yet, but a full nights sleep with only a few wakening moments was the real magic!

Okay, people who skipped, begin again right here, but you’ve really missed a show! Not often that I recount even the fragments of a dream! You may be pleased with the status quo!

Getting up, I got dressed and grabbed breakfast. When I got back to the room, the only remaining mystery room-mate was getting ready to go out and see the snow! Yes, it was snowing in Dublin (again), but I swear it’s rare! He turned out to be from San Francisco. Not sure where else he’d been but he barely made it out of Rome due to weather. He said Dublin airport had closed and he wasn’t sure he’d make his flight back home tomorrow. I wished him well and gathered my bags. Now I’d met everyone I’d roomed with (see a follow up comment on yesterday’s post for the stealth snorer). Wished him well and headed for the bus station. I think south I was alright, but I wanted to get moving before the snow loused up my departure!

Got my ticket and waited for the 11am for Galway. Now there was a direct bus an hour later that would have gotten me here in less than 3 hours, but I didn’t want to hang and wait because of the weather. More time on the bus but I pictured sleeping. Far from it, comfy seats, lots of room. I turned on my iPod and pulled out Steinbeck’s “Travels With Charley In Search of America”. I read a fair chunk on the plane here but had never had a quiet moment to wend through the rest. Fab book. My uncle suggested it because of my passing fancy of getting a motor home and getting to see some of America. That was fascinating, but in the end, it was a great read on any level. Reading Steinbeck describing the America he found around the early 60’s (I gather both by his setting the scene and the original publication being 1962). Here was someone of my grandparents vintage relating a world much changed, homogenized, sacrificing quality and meaning for bigger and faster. It’s truly timeless. Minus some of the trappings and his stopping in New Orleans to witness the spectacle of school dessegregarion, it could have been written today. Definitely timeless and has made me of mind to finally get around to some of his other writings.

Along the road, I saw snowy roads give way to the random icy patch. While it may have snowed here when I was through last week, it felt warmer and sunnier today. I passed through countless little and anonymous towns and villages, much as you would on a Grayhound back home, complete with random stops that were little more than a wide spot in the road. Otherwise this was nothing like home. In America, somehow, some way, bus travel became the mode of last resort. Buses are literally regarded as the home of the unwashed masses. The last night of the Paddywagon trip, I finally met the other Americans on the trip, a foursome from Chicago. They were on the B&B plan which aside from the large group explains why we hadn’t met. They mentioned road tripping, one of their fav things to do in the States ( which was how theyhad come to pass through Georgia). I don’t recall why but I mentioned that the first time I saw Chicago was from a Grayhound bus – the sheer look of horror on their faces was humorous. I could tell they’d never set foot on a bus, not even in college (my own last time). And thus is the average American reaction. One day, we’ll have to change our tune on buses and trains need to become more than a novelty (with apologies to our northeast where trains are common).

Anyway, arrived in Galway, found the hostel relatively easy and checked in. Awesome place so far. Stayed in a place on the way through with Paddywagon that although decent on the surface was filled with what I’d call a frat school element. Not my scene. I have my own room for 3 nights. Glory, glory, halleilujah! I need some me time to get well and not have random people listening to my coughing and sinus mayhem all night.

Got here just before sundown. Being warmer and rested, I wandered down to the harbor and got some photos of the light hitting the buildings there before the sun was gone. Perfect! One of the challenges in Dublin so far (aside from my cold) has been the sun being so low on the horizon. Some buildings never see light in the canyons of narrow streets and tall buildings. I’m sure a problem here too, but at least it’s small enough to wander and find the edges! Otherwise, seems a nice place to linger. I’ve always liked college towns. Very friendly here, even chatted with two fellow guests in the lounge downstairs, an outgoing German woman and a guy from Spain. She was explaining that in Germany people wouldn’t go out of their way to help a stranger, where here a local led her from Eyre Square literally to the hostel. Wow! The guy from Spain said there people were likely to be as helpful as here, very friendly. Hmmm, Germany off the list, Spain on. LOL

Didn’t really want dinner. My stomach has not been happy. I figured it was the antibiotics. Sure enough, listed among the side effects. So I had some yogurt with dinner to try to help things along. Likewise, I found among the common side effects, a metallic taste. Well that explains the taste in my mouth all day. I thought something I ate and hoped to clear it brushing my teeth. Oh well – 10 more doses! Oh dinner was another wrap (love wraps, like the natural evolution of the sandwich). My near fav has long been chicken ceasar. I practically do a jig when I find a place that makes them. Tonight, I may have found a new fav chicken ceasar with bacon! Num num!

And now off to beddybye and a quiet hopefully restful sleep. I am not even going to bother publishing this right now. Too tired and lazy to go downstairs for the wifi! Later gators!

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