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Starman: Sons of the Father

Tonight, I finished the final entry in the Starman series of trade paperbacks. I’m at a loss. I’d been anxiously awaiting the last trade to show up at the shop. It did last week. I had dinner with a friend, so I didn’t make it by tonight to see this week’s haul. It’s a good thing, because I might not have finished the trade.

It’s a bitter-sweet ending, both to the story and to my reading adventure of it. I’d been anxiously awaiting the conclusion of a story I didn’t read when it was coming out. And I devoured it. I stayed up late and read two chapters last night when I should have been sleeping. Tonight, I came home and curled up with the rest. It was true to the whole arc of Jack Knight’s life. Everything came full circle, and there were more than a few points when I could honestly feel the emotion. The sadness at the emotional roller-coaster of Jack’s life.

It’s strange to feel enriched by a character alive only on paper and in the imagination, but the writer, James Robinson, managed that. Bravo!

What do I read next??

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