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Travelers ADD And Other Tales

Well, first to follow up on my post about the old laptop, yes, I bought a mac.  I splashed out on a macbook pro, but I bought a refurb.  They carry the mac warranty (and I used the savings to get the three year Apple Care, so I’m well covered).  The refurb looked completely new.  Who knows what horrible thing it got returned for but it’s dreamy for me so far.  And if it goes bad in the next three years, back to Apple you go sir.

It’s taking some adjustment.  If I hit the control key when I want to copy and paste a few more times, I may scream.  But it seems to be taking to my brain somewhere considering I started getting all confuzled on the work laptop (IBM thinkpad – lousy picture but a workhorse, I give it that – the lousy screen doesn’t sell to my photog side).  Kept trying to click the wrong keys, etc.

I took a two day photoshop class on Saturday/Sunday with ye olde laptop one last time.   I have a licensed copy of photoshop CS3 on it.  I started the ball rolling with Adobe on the cross-platform thing.  They will allow you once to swap out for the cost of shipping.  Adobe for the mac is on its way but not before the class.  Well, the smart part of my brain didn’t point out to me until Sunday night that I could install the 30 day trial on my mac while I waited for the new software to arrive…  duhhhh…  At least the old Fujitsu didn’t embarass me by calling it kaput during class.  It threatened a lot in the past week.

My trip to the UK is now less than a month hence.  In fact, a month from now, I’ll be getting back into London from 4 days on my Cornwall Crusader trip.  And from there, I officially have no clue.  The time back into London is evening and an approximate time, which makes it hard to plan the next step.  I’ve thought about just hopping straight onto a train bound for… uhm… that’s the hard part.  But does it matter when you’re not realy sure what the arrival to London time is?  So maybe a night in London before moving on to other parts?  Still where is an excelent question.  I’ve toyed with Paris either via train or perhaps a Ferry from Dover to Calais and then working my way down before heading back up to London.  I’ve thought about Ireland but keep thinking it should be a a trip unto itself some day, not a few days squished in betwixt coming and going.  I’ve thought about heading to North England, maybe seeing York, which I’ve read good things about.  Then the brain turns further northward inexorably to Scotland.  I love Edinburgh and there’s still some of the Highlands I’d dearly love to see.  I will return to Skye some day, and I want to see the other islands.  And again, is this really the right trip, unless I take a sleeper train ($$$), killing days of my trip coming and going.  I’ve also pondered getting a Britrail just for the south and maybe hugging the southern coast for a few days before back into London.  I know I could spend all the rest of my time in London and just see the sights there and take in some day trips as well, but this is the 4th time I’ve been to London.  As much as I know there is to do and that I’ve yet to do, I feel like I need to get out a bit.

Where does ADD come into this?  I swear, I must have it if nothing else for travel.  No sooner than I sat down to do research on my options, I found myself looking at Latin American options for New Years this year.  I haven’t finished this trip yet and I’m already down the road on the next one!  Just sad!

And then to further compound the momentary distraction, I wrote this post!

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